Cost of Solar in Virginia Beach

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Going solar in the Virginia Beach area has become more affordable over time.

Good news for Virginians—going solar is more affordable than ever! However, it’s important to note that your custom solar system will depend on a few cost factors, including your home’s location, your current energy consumption and your future energy goals. Our team of experts will work with you to develop a solar panel system that works for your unique energy needs.

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Calculating Your Solar Panel Cost

Because each solar customer presents unique energy needs, it’s hard for us to calculate the average cost of a solar panel system. However, you can roughly estimate the cost of solar panels for your own home by using dollars per watt. A watt is the measurement of the amount of electricity used to power an appliance or home. If you know how many watts your home uses each month, we can better determine the number of solar panels needed to generate enough solar wattage to meet or supplement your monthly electricity needs. With enough solar panels, you may be able to reduce your grid energy intake and save on your monthly electric bills.4

Once we’ve found the necessary number of solar panels to meet your home’s energy needs, our solar experts can effectively design a custom solar solution for your home. We’ll combine the cost per panel with installation fees to determine your overall cost for going solar.

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Your Virginia Beach Solar Panel Installation Cost Includes The Following:


Installation Equipment

This cost covers the solar panels, inverters, battery, wiring, conduit, mounting racks and mounting hardware.


A Custom-Designed Solar System

Once you’ve contracted with Pink Energy, our team will design your custom solar system, file all relevant state and local permits and prepare for installation day.


All Installation Day Procedures

On the day of installation, our experienced team carefully and efficiently installs and tests your system, then cleans up your property.

You can begin reducing your carbon footprint and potentially saving on grid electricity as soon as your utility company switches your meter.4 Learn more about the cost of going solar by contacting Pink Energy of Virginia Beach today! 

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Cost of Solar FAQs

How much do solar panels cost in Virginia Beach?

It depends on the number of panels required for your home’s unique needs as well as your home’s location. Pink Energy calculates the cost based on dollars per watt. Keep in mind that installation costs will factor into how much a solar panel system will be as well.

Do solar panels increase home value in Virginia Beach?

Potentially! According to this 2018 Zillow study, homes with solar panels installed may sell by up to 4.1% more than homes without. Buyers appreciate energy-efficient homes powered by renewable energy sources!

Are solar panels a good investment in Virginia Beach?

Solar panels are an excellent investment. Given their longevity (about 25 years), solar panels can potentially save you thousands of dollars off your electric bills over time.

How much is the federal tax credit for solar panels?

The federal solar tax credit is 26% of your total solar investment through the end of 2022. This percentage goes down to 22% through the end of 2023 and is unavailable for residential solar systems after that. Tax credits are subject to change and eligibility for federal tax credits depends on your individual and financial circumstances, so we recommend you always consult with your accountant or tax advisor to determine your eligibility.⁵