How Solar Can Work For Your Virginia Beach Home

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On average, Virginia Beach sees 213 sunny days a year. That’s above the national average! Because of our warm, sunny weather, VA Beach homeowners are going solar.

Learn more about how solar panels work and why they’re a smart investment for Virginia homeowners.

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels create electricity when photons from the sun’s rays knock electrons free from atoms inside photovoltaic cells. Each solar panel is made up of solar cells linked together (typically 60 or 72). Each cell in your solar panel has a positive and negative layer that, together, forms an electrical field in which energy is generated.

Inside the top silicon layer, phosphorus creates the negative charge, while the boron in the bottom layer provides the positive charge. These two fields work together to turn the sun’s rays into the energy that flows to your inverter. From your inverter, it is converted from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) so it can flow to your breaker box and power your home.

Unused energy can be stored in a battery backup system or returned to the electric grid in the form of energy credits, a process called net metering. Some power companies in Virginia, such as Dominion Energy, participate in net metering.

Why Go Solar in Virginia Beach?

When adding solar, the benefits are significant. Here are a few reasons to install solar panels on your VA Beach home:

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need in Virginia Beach?

The number of solar panels your home needs depends on your home’s energy usage. Higher energy usage means more panels and vice versa. You can get a ballpark idea by looking at past electric bills, and by checking out the following blog

Panel position also plays a part in the number of panels you’ll need. The ideal solar panel position is due south. This allows them to get more consistent sun exposure throughout the day. If due south isn’t possible for your home and panels are installed facing east or west, you may need more panels since they will receive varying degrees of sun throughout the day. During your consultation, your Pink Energy consultant will determine the most beneficial position for your solar panels.

Add Solar Today with Pink Energy!

Solar is a smart investment for homeowners in Virginia Beach. If you’re ready to take a step toward energy independence, we’re here to help. Get started by requesting more information from one of our solar experts!