How Solar Can Help You Avoid Effects of Virginia Beach Power Outages

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With severe weather and related power outages becoming increasingly common, more homeowners in Virginia Beach are looking for additional ways to supply their homes with power.

Gas-powered generators have historically been the most popular backup power option, but what if your solar system could continue to provide energy during a grid power outage?

Fortunately, with a Pink Energy battery backup, you can protect your home from the effects of outages and keep portions of your home running when the grid goes down.

Pink Energy Battery Backup Systems

A solar battery means peace of mind when you lose grid power. 

Pink Energy is proud to offer Pink Energy PWRcell batteries to pair with your solar panels that can protect your home from the effects of outages.

Pink Energy battery backup systems allow you to store excess power from your solar panels for later use. The excess energy can be used at night, during times when your solar panels aren’t generating as much energy as your home needs, or during outages. 

Pink Energy backup batteries feature power modes that are especially useful in case of an outage:

Where Do Solar Backup Batteries Live?

Solar batteries most likely will be installed outside of your home’s living space. Depending on the architecture and your local building codes, a backup solar battery typically will live on the wall of your garage or mounted to the side of your home with a cover to protect from all of the elements you face in Virginia Beach.

Bundle Your Solar Panels + Backup Battery

For maximum cost savings & return on investment, Pink Energy recommends bundling your solar array with a backup battery system, so your home could be protected from the effects of outages.

Never Be In The Dark In Virginia Beach

Ready to add a solar panel system and battery backup to your Virginia Beach home? Contact our team of solar experts in Virginia Beach today to learn more! We’d be happy to create a solar solution that will work for your home for years to come.