How Much Could You Potentially Save With Solar In Virginia Beach?

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Solar power can help you reduce your carbon footprint and potentially reduce your dependence on the grid. Virginia Beach homeowners and business owners may be interested to learn the benefits of owning a premium solar panel system from Pink Energy. With solar, it’s possible to potentially save thousands of dollars on your electricity bills over the lifetime of your solar panels. However, your potential savings depend on a few factors, including your home’s location and current energy use. Let’s dig deeper into the factors that may impact your solar power savings potential.

Factors That May Impact Your Solar Savings

1. Your Home’s Location and Direction

Solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity. The location of your home and the direction that your roof faces can impact the amount of sunlight your solar panels can access. Roofs facing south have the most potential sunlight exposure, with east- and west-facing roofs being your next best bets. Trim back or cut down overhanging tree branches to provide a clear path between the sun and your solar panels. With a higher potential of solar energy production, you can potentially reduce your reliance on grid power to meet your home’s energy needs. 

To ensure continuous access to the sun, schedule a professional cleaning of your solar panels if leaf litter or other debris is blocking sunlight. 

2. Your Home’s Current Energy Consumption

Depending on your home’s typical energy use, you may require more or less solar energy to help power your home’s appliances. By supplementing your grid power with a renewable energy source, you stand to potentially save on your monthly electricity bill or even potentially earn credits by feeding excess solar energy back to the gri d for areas and utility providers who offer net metering

Source? Virginia residents pay an average kilowatt-hour rate of 12.92 cents for their grid electricity. The average American home utilizes about 893 kilowatt hours of electricity on a monthly basis; when multiplied by the rate of pay, Virginians are spending an average of $115.37 on electricity every month, for a total of $1,384.44 a year. With a custom solar panel system from Pink Energy helping to power their home, Virginia homeowners could potentially see lower monthly bills from their utility company. 

3. The Number of Solar Panels in Your System

Pink Energy works to develop a custom solar panel system tailored to your home’s energy needs and your energy goals by reviewing factors that may impact your solar production such as your home’s location and roof angle, as well as conducting a thorough analysis of your past electricity bills. With this, we can determine how many solar panels are required to help power your home. With enough solar panels in your system, you could potentially reduce your grid power intake and subsequently see lower monthly electricity bills.

Learn More About the Benefits of Solar Power

With a high-output solar panel system, the benefits don’t stop with potential savings. The Pink Energy team of Virginia Beach is prepared to provide you with information about how solar energy can help power your home year-round and help you lead a more energy-efficient lifestyle! Contact us today to begin your solar journey.